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weight lossHow to Increase Metabolism Naturally – Fast Weight Loss in 4 Easy Steps

Metabolism has a number of definitions, but they all boil down to this: It is the rate or speed the body burns calories to provide energy. Metabolism takes place in the body 24 hours a day. It never stops, it never sleeps. Instead of taking medication, increase metabolism naturally for healthy and fast weight loss.

Apply 4 easy steps to increase metabolism naturally and watch the pounds peel off.

  1. Keep your body hydrated. Drink water, lots of it.

Our bodies are made up of approximately 70-75% water. Believe it or not, obese people have less water in their bodies than lean people. Why is that? Because fat cells contain less water than muscle cells. As a result, overweight people have slower metabolic rates than lean people. To ensure a healthy metabolism drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

  1. Green tea: Are the rumors true?

It used to be a well-kept secret that drinking green tea can help you lose weight. Green tea contains catechin polyphenol compounds, mostly found in plants. These compounds not only decrease absorption of fat and suppress the appetite, but also help increase metabolism naturally.

For maximum benefit, drink 3 cups of green tea each day. Steep the tea for approximately 5-6 minutes. But be careful, some teas are stronger than others, and steeping longer will increase the amount of caffeine which could have negative effects in some people.

  1. Exercise helps increase metabolism naturally.

We’ve heard it a million times. Exercise is critical as it increases the body’s metabolic rate by burning calories, resulting in weight loss.

To ensure your success, pick an activity that you enjoy. You do need to stay active and perform regular to moderate exercise, 30-45 minutes at a time, a minimum of three times a week. Biking, walking, dancing, tennis — they are all excellent choices. These will help you lose 5-10 pounds. But if you need to lose a lot more weight, high intensity exercises is a must.

  1. Eat often and healthy to increase metabolism naturally.

Eat 4-6 healthy meals each day. Sound counterintuitive? Maybe, but eating often will speed up your metabolism resulting in weight loss. Choose to eat more fruits (especially all types of berries) and vegetables (leafy green vegetables, spinach, broccoli, string beans), and lean proteins like organic eggs, skinless chicken, turkey breast. Digesting these lean proteins raises the body’s metabolic rate as it makes the body work harder.

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